Actors Should Study Singing – Part 1

For over 20 years I’ve taught voice and artistic development to professional actors, aspiring actors and young people.  They have gone on to major musical theater programs, to star on Broadway and large touring companies, become major label recording artists, starred in movies and TV and won major competitions.  I currently have three students on Broadway and many in touring companies, high profile local productions, TV shows and movies.  My track record speaks for itself and the insights gained are invaluable.  The thing is, not all of them are primarily singers but have benefited from voice lessons.

Why is it important for actors to study singing?

  • It broadens your ability to be cast.  If you are not confident in your ability to sing, you are cutting out a fairly significant part of the market.  I am not saying you need to be some world class singer, but you should be competent, so you can feel confident auditioning for musicals and roles that may require incidental singing.  Training with the right person will get you there.
  • Today there are many opportunities for actors who sing. If Anna Kendrick didn’t nurture her singing, she might not have been cast in “Pitch Perfect.” There are many roles every year on Glee. More and more actors are making the leap to Broadway musicals.  Singing is having a renaissance, fueled by shows like American Idol, The Voice, and the Got Talent series.
  • It will teach you to take strain off your voice when you are required to get into elevated speech.  The simplest definition of singing is elevated speech.  It will help protect your voice.
  • You will learn about vocal hygiene which will protect you.

In part 2 I’ll discuss why it is important to chose the right vocal coach for actors.

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