Voice Analysis Consultation

Sometimes singers have areas they feel they need improving; it's best to get an objective third party critique.  I have worked with hundreds of students who have struggled to reach their goals.  My Voice Analysis Consultations help identify where you may need to improve and how to get the results your seeking.  I do these consultations during off-hours so that I am able to take the necessary time to evaluate the voice.

The process is simple.

  1. Submit your request using the form below.
  2. You will be contacted within 24hrs with instructions on submitting your sample.
  3. Voice samples can be either:
    1. MP4 video with stereo sound
    2. MP3 audio with stereo sound - Minimum 32Bit @ 44.1KHz sample rate
  4. You will be contacted within 10 Business days to schedule an online conference to discuss my findings.