How to Prepare for an American Idol or The Voice Audition

Every year I am contacted by producers at American Idol (which is being rebooted) or The Voice. Having had contestants on both, I am very familiar in preparing singers for the show. I was recently contacted by American Idol to submit singers for private auditions so that you bypass the cattle call. This is a huge advantage in that you go in without the hassle of standing in long lines, and you already know there is a level of interest. I only submit people that are working for you to make sure you are prepared and that my reputation stays in tact so they take my suggestions seriously.

So in preparing you, we will work on technique, style, song selection and your type.  American Idol is not only a singing competition, it is a casting show. They want the country singer, the rocker, the black artist, the crooner, the funny guy, etc. You get the point. You need to know how you are presenting yourself and stick with it, or you are confusing to the judges and ultimately the audience.

So, if you are serious, contact me ASAP using the form on the right so we can start immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you.